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body barre

Body Barré


Body Barré is a fusion of Pilates, Ballet, Yoga, Cardio and Strength Training designed to slim, tone and strengthen the whole body. The cardio section will burn fat and get you fit fast.  


This workout is great for toning and shaping up those classic problem areas such as your bottom, hips, thighs, abs and triceps.


You will enjoy an energetic and motivating workout cherographed to fun and funky music.


Barre workouts (along with Pilates) are quickly becoming the chosen workout for celebrities and models like Madonna, Natalie Portman, Denise Richards, Kelly Osbourne and Drew Barrymore, 


Body Barré is not designed for clients with knee, neck or lumbar issues. Reserved weekly appointments for up to 9 clients only. Lizzie is qualified in Booty Barre (USA) and Barre Concept (UK). 


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