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pilates reformer

Pilates Reformer


These enjoyable and motivating classes will strengthen and tone your whole body whilst improving posture and flexibility.


Lizzie has designed a wide range of Pilates Reformer workouts combined with a varitey of other equipment to ensure you have a great workout each and everytime you visit.


We have three session types to choose from:






pilates reformer

Strengthen and tone your core, abs, legs, butt and arms while improving posture and flexibility.

Reserved appointments up to 10 clients.

semi-private pilates

Semi-private appointments allow you to focus on your personal goals with an individually designed pilates program to achieve the best possible results.

Reserved appointments up to 4 clients.

private pilates

Achieve your personal goals with an individual pilates exercise program designed specifically for you. 

Reserved appointments for 1 to 2 clients.


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