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“It was time for me to ‘get fit’ although I really had no idea of the learning curve I was about to experience. Thanks to Lizzie, It’s been a hugely rewarding journey. Not only did my fitness improve, so did my confidence, motivation and general wellbeing. This new level of fitness and keener awareness of diet and nutrition has given me a sense of empowerment and inner strength which I maintain to this day. With Lizzie’s encouragement, broad knowledge and extremely high standards, the process is not only fun but satisfying. She has many qualities I admire especially her commitment and dedication to clients and her innovative approach to her work. She continually takes courses studying different facets of health and fitness. She’s a strong communicator and motivator and I always look forward to our sessions.”

Trudy | Balmain | Pilates and Personal Training client


“Lizzie has assisted and supported me in a total change in lifestyle and a life-time of bad habits. She has constantly challenged me to work outside my comfort zones and as a consequence I have had significant improvements in my fat-loss, body shaping, motivation, energy levels and general wellbeing. Before I started training with Lizzie, I was a size 18. I am now on the borders of size 12 – 14 and have lost over 10kg. During this time, I have had many challenges to my health, all through which Lizzie has continually supported and modified my training and lifestyle regimes to take account of these outside influences. Lizzie has been the major influence in changing the whole of my lifestyle for the better, she has educated me in terms of food, exercise and also, more importantly the psychology of persistence and maintaining these changes through the challenges that life throws at you.”

Gillian | Newtown | Pilates and Personal Training client


“I noticed immediate changes to my body shape when I started with Body Benefits Pilates. My torso firmed up and my jeans slipped on more easily after just a few sessions! I thought pilates would be a bit soft, but it is actually a real challenge. Lizzie works to the ability of the class. With just a few groans each week our strength now far exceeds what originally seemed possible! One great thing about pilates is that it is a real workout, but you are not all hot and sweaty afterwards.”

Liza | Annandale | Pilates client


“In August last year, Susan and I decided that we needed to add something to our life - well actually subtract something - that was kilos. For a year, every Monday and Thursday morning religiously we trained at Lizzie’s studio. We started by reducing our intake of our favourite food groups namely alcohol and chips and increasing our intake of the important ones, veggies, fruit and much more. Now a year later I look forward to my salad for lunch, walking the Bay and complaining that my clothes are too big! We could not have changed our lifestyle and hence our well being without Lizzie’s enthusiasm for the program, passion for us and professionalism in making it happen.

Malcolm and Susan | Lilyfield | Pilates and Personal Training client Malcolm and Susan lost over 10kgs each


I battled with anorexia, bulimia and basic self-loathing which would regrettably rule my life for the next 20 years, until my 33rd birthday in 2008 when I decided to try a new tactic and train with Lizzie. The combination of Pilates and Coaching sessions twice a week changed my life. I lost 15kg through exercise, eating properly and when combined with Lizzie’s life coaching skills learned to love myself for the first time along the way. I continue to use the principals taught by Lizzie in every facet of my life, and will be forever grateful such an inspirational and caring person came into my life providing me with the tools I needed to steer me in the right direction.

Lauren | Balmain | Pilates and Personal Training client


When I first joined Lizzie’s Pilates class, I had never done a class of any sort before and was worried since I have Type 1 diabetes. Doing a strenuous workout would lower my blood sugar too rapidly and cause problems. After attending Lizzie’s classes, not only did I find that I was getting results but my general blood sugar control had improved significantly. By working the muscles at a slower pace I found that my blood sugar did not drop too quickly and remained in a good range. I attend classes twice a week, walk inbetween and follow a healthy diet now and this has significantly improved my overall diabetic control and for the first time I was in the normal range. I can’t tell you how happy I was and if I can continue to have such good results I will avoid getting some of the serious complications that come with having diabetes such as heart, kidney and eye problems just to name a few.

Maria | Annandale | Pilates client


”I came to Lizzie so I could lose weight before I turned 40 and to get back into shape after having 3 children in 5 years. I cannot recommend Lizzie more highly, not only did get me the results I wanted but she did it in a way that has equipped me with really valuable life skills and strategies. I can take the learnings and apply it to my everyday routine. Do yourself a favour and let Lizzie into your life - she will change it for the better!”

Jane | Lilyfield | Personal Training client Jane lost over 13kgs, 6% body fat and a total of 54cms


“I was about as far down as I could get, life was miserable and I consoled myself by eating and drinking whatever and whenever I wanted. I had no control and make no attempt to control what I was doing then one of Lizzie’s flyers came through my letterbox. It marked a turning point and I haven’t looked back. I started slowly, not wanting to give up my comfort foods, just turning up for sessions but I hadn’t reckoned with Lizzie’s irresistible approach, her special brand of encouragement, support, tips and above all belief in me. During our sessions, I turned my life around, wresting control back and replacing my unhealthy comfort habits with much more healthy and rewarding ones. I dropped 8 kilos and 2 dress sizes, moving into a size I had never worn before in spite of years at the gym. Toned all over, grew muscle where fat had been and eliminated a life long problem area on my back. Now I eat well, (but can still enjoy a glass of wine) and generally feel fantastic. I have no doubt whatsoever about the essential role Lizzie played. I would never have done it without her. It was the best thing I ever did.”

Prue | Ultimo | Personal Training client


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